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Workshop for Women in Oil and Gas

After a busy week at Mozambiques 6th Gas Summit in Joaquim Chissano, Maputo. We organised a workshop to download all the information we had just received with the other women in business from the network. The guest speakers were cherry picked in order for us to maximise the objective of the event.

We had Vickey Puncheon From Sodexo who has been residing in Cabo Delgado for past 8 years. With over 20 years experience from the Australian contracting market and applying it to Africa, has seen Vickey work across East Africa as a Regional Director in Camp Services throughout Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, Uganda and Mozambique primarily within the oil and gas market. Her role with Syrah Resources as General Manager Business Services had Vickey successfully develop the business structure of the company through construction and mobilization phases into operations of the largest graphite mine in the world, found in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique.

Throughout Vickey’s experience in the African market she has always been engaged with the major companies within the resources sector and more recently had a focus on local and national content factors. Her experience in the extractives market and in the specific region has positioned her well to understand the smaller nuances required for business to understand the project zone.  As you can see, we couldn’t find a better fit to give us an insight of the opportunities for SME’s in the Mozambique Oil and Gas operations in Cabo Delgado. She had a special focus for opportunities that women led or run businesses could immediately capitalise on.

We also had the amazing Patrícia Quirino a Tax Lawyer with more than 20 years’ experience in both Tax and Legal roles having worked for various jurisdictions in Africa, having specialized as an expert on Mozambique tax and oil & gas legal framework. Patrícia has a Law Degree from the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane followed by post grad specialization which includes IBFD courses in both International Tax and Oil & Gas, in Holland and Singapore. In August 2013 Patrícia concluded a Certificate in Finance at the Gordon Institute of Business Science, South Africa and is currently enrolled in LLM Oil and Gas by University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Patricia’s career covered consulting, construction and mining sectors and her current  position is Head of Tax Mozambique (Rest of Africa) at SASOL where she is responsible  for all tax matters relating to Sasol’s various activities in Mozambique as well as for Sasol projects in other African jurisdictions in the Oil and Gas sector. Again, we couldn’t find a better fit to present compliance related to the Oil and Gas projects in Mozambique.

Vickey spent about an hour, dissecting and translated the complexity of the Oil and Gas norms to non oil and gas professionals eloquently. By talking about the value chain, giving us an indepth knowledge about all the key players helped us look at the project from a different perspective. She also spoke about leveraging on current and future opportunities while aligning our current business models and services to fit the operations. The nuggets she gave us, were priceless and most of the business women who attended the event where able to have a good understanding of the project.

So there is nothing more boring then Tax, but with Patricia she managed to deliver her presentation by making Tax look sexy. She started with an enriching history with the Oil and Gas in Mozambique, with how, who and when the first discoveries were done and how long it took for everyone to now feel the impact. We rarely get to understand compliance from the shoes of a client, but she made us wear those shoes and it was comforting to understand why these mega projects have a high compliance requirement. Talk about some hidden gems in procurement processes and how to get invoices paid faster, she shared all the best practices for Tax and legal compliance.

We had Eugenia Langa, CEO of Nweba share her journey in the Oil and Gas sector. What an inspirational and smart way to get ready and be able to service the industry.

The adorable Celia Hofmeister was the master of ceremony and she managed to capture everyones presentation and still summarised the most memorable points.

A total of 40 women in business attended the seminar and the energy in the room was electric. Everyone was so curious and anxious to see the presenations, and with no resevations, we all got more then what was expected.

The event was sponsored by the Candian Embassy and a special thank you to the High Commisioner Melanie Delany for believing in our initiative and providing us with the platform to bring our members together.

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